Business Development

  • Business Opportunities

The presentation will cover operating a business vs. a career. Review what is involved in being a business operator, Aboriginal Businesses Statistics and East Kootenay Region Business Statistics.The intention is to offer this presentation to understand that there are options to generating income.

  • Competitors & the Competitive Advantage

This seminar will take you through the evolution of trends and how to better cope maintaining product or service sustainability with a competitive advantage.

  • Communication Strategy

This strategy analyzes the organization/business culture and its current communication model, and identifies the behaviors and challenges to build communication procedures

  • Conducting Market Research

This Seminar will take you step by step chronologically on how to engage in market research and what is all needed to attract and retain customers. This will also be helpful for existing businesses that need a boost on their product/service.

  • Conflict Resolution

This seminar identifies the dynamics of conflict, how beliefs and values contribute to conflict and communication styles in conflict and how to defuse conflict.

  • Fundamentals of Small Business Bookkeeping

You will be led by a trained professional in bookkeeping who will take you step by step to identify the dos and don'ts when it comes to bookkeeping.

  • Home Based Business

This seminar will take the participant step by step how to open a home based business from location to marketing and touch up on some operations.

  • Minute Taking Techniques

This seminar will take you step by step on why and how and what needs to be recorded at meetings that are a historical account of the discussions.The participants will learn about Roberts Rules of Order, the 3 main types of minuets and creating an agenda.

  • Planting the Seed to Entrepreneurship – Business Planning Fundamentals

Business Planning may seem intimidating so let this workshop take you through a step by step chronological order to develop your business plan.  You will begin identifying your product or service and at the end of the seminar you will have determined where and how the information goes into the business plan template.

  • Pricing

This seminar will help identify pricing your product and service ensuring all aspects from fixed and variable monthly expenses and your time are incorporated in the end product or service.

Personal Development

  • Anger Management

A presentation on understanding sources of anger and how to control anger. A look at how we all have devises to control anger this seminar is a reminder and creates awareness on those tools and how to deal with anger. This seminar also takes the participant through anger management steps.

  • Communication Skills

Seminar includes: First point of contact communication and Customer Service. Great refresher and learning tool for receptionists, hosts and service industry staff. You will learn good customer skills, multi-tasking when handling more than one customer at a time, conflict resolution and management styles.

  • Ktunaxa Nation

A cross cultural presentation that is offered for cultural awareness that goes through the milestones of the Ktunaxa people in chronological order.

  • Lateral Violence

This is a full day presentation on what lateral violence is, recognizing lateral violence and how it spreads throughout the community and work place. Lateral Violence can lower confidence and self-esteem. This seminar will identify how lateral violence can be addressed to eradicate the behaviour.

  • Personal Budgeting and Credit & Collections

This Seminar is designed to help you become more aware of where your income comes from. Take a closer look at your spending habits, and develop a plan and budget to begin saving for the future. It also goes into approaching creditors and delinquent finances.

  • Presenting Yourself Techniques

A presentation on changing thoughts to more positive thinking and how to go in front of a one person or a group of people with confidence.

  • Time Management

This seminar defines real time vs clock time, planning your day and tasks. It also takes a look at symptoms of poor time management and identifies ways to organize.

  • Understanding Anger Management

This seminar will take you through the steps of some causes, health risks and tips to controlling the anger by exploring what is behind the anger and triggers of anger. Working through the anger and finding healthier ways to expressing anger.

  • What’s Your Role in the Meeting

This seminar takes a look at the roles and responsibilities of each participant in a meeting from Chair-person to observer. It also defines the importance of meetings and why to attend a meeting. It also highlights some techniques to handling conflict during a meeting.