Supporting Aboriginal Business in the Kootenays.

Kiʔsuʔk kyukyit.

Did you know the Nation is working on a new project to strengthen how we tell our story to the world? With the assistance of the Ktunaxa Elders Advisory this project is called Snaⱡ ⱡatiⱡ ȼxani Ktunaxa (Sna-th tha-ti-th ts-xani K-too-nah-ha). Like the name says: we are still telling our story.  

We are looking for your thoughts. As part of Snaⱡ ⱡatiⱡ ȼxani Ktunaxa, we are asking a wide variety of people, not only Ktunaxa, to tell us what they think or feel about our Nation. These perspectives will help us to continue telling our story in a way that is real, strong and lasting.

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