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Ktunaxa Regional Branding Initiative

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Ktunaxa Regional Branding Initiative Ambassadors

The Ktunaxa Nation Council Economic Sector was successful in their application to Rural Dividend BC to hire a Ktunaxa Regional Branding Initiative Tourism Engagement Coordinator and Community Ambassadors.

Ktunaxa Regional Branding Initiative – Partnership Building

In the fall of 2017 the Ktunaxa Nation Council (KNC) partnered with Kootenay Rockies Tourism to engage in an inventory of who in the business industry has information on the Ktunaxa and what information they possess through the Ktunaxa regional Branding Initiative. The findings were not surprising and indicated a small number of local businesses share information on the Ktunaxa, of that information much of it was never validated. We then asked what would they like from the Ktunaxa to fill or correct the gaps in their knowledge.This began inter-sectoral collaboration within the Ktunaxa Nation Council on what information is available to produce material.The findings were immense and have spurred much conversation within the KNC.

Today, the lead staff member has gone through many exercises that demonstrate the support for (and need of) the Ktunaxa to be the leaders in telling the Ktunaxa story in the promotion of the Region.Kootenay Rockies Tourism and Destination BC have demonstrated a great interest in assisting in this process.

The Team will engage Ktunaxa artists in all mediums from; seamstresses, painters of all mediums, carvers/wood workers, beaders, jewelers to story tellers of the tremendous possibilities Indigenous Tourism holds for them and will engage in a process to deliver products to the local business in the Region

Daniela Carizzoni Norton, Maureen McEachen and Bernadette Morigeau are carrying out the Community Engagement process to uncover Ktunaxa artists.